Group Members

Postdoctoral Researchers

Lijie Cheng
Dr. Li-Jie Cheng
PDRA 2013-2016, Imperial College London (with Prof. Chris Cordier)
Ph.D. 2008-2013, Nankai University (with Prof. Qi-Lin Zhou)
B.S. 2004-2008, Hebei University

Dr. Chia-Wei Hsu
PhD. 2011-2016, University of Houston (with Prof. Ognjen S. Miljanic)
Research Assistant 2010-2011, National Tsing Hua University
Intern Teacher 2009-2010, National Experimental High School at Hsinchu Science Park
Military Service 2008-2009, Taiwanese Army
MSc. 2006-2008, National Tsing Hua University (with Prof. Yi-Chou Tsai)
BSc. 2002-2006, National Tsing Hua University (with Prof. Yi-Chou Tsai)

Graduate Researchers

Close up- Noel Leon
Noel Leon

2013-2014, Lab Operations and Production/Research Chemist at Ohmx Corp.
B.A. 2013, Northwestern University

Suresh Rathnayaka
2014-2015, Teaching Assistant at University of Kelaniya
B.Sc. 2014, University of Kelaniya

Siling Zhao
M.A. 2015, University of Virginia
B.S. 2014, Sichuan University

Hsien-Cheng Yu
2014-2016, Research Associate at National Central University
M.S. 2012, National Tsing Hua University
B.S. 2010, National Central University

Rickey Kellow

B.S. 2016, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Dibbendu Ghosh

2014-2015, Research Assistant at IIT Madras
M.Sc. 2014, IIT Madras
B.Sc. 2012, University of Calcutta

Yutthana Lakliang

M.S. 2017 Case Western Reserve University 
B.A. 2014 Pitzer College

Undergraduate Researchers

Robert Lopez II

UIC Class of 2019

Former Group Members and Last Known Whereabouts

Fiyin Adeboye (undergrad), undergrad at UIC
Dr. Sharareh Bagherzadeh
(PhD), Postdoc at WashU Medical School (St Louis)
Dr. Suparna Banerjee (visiting scientist), Assistant Professor at Uluberia College
Kyle Brook
(undergrad), Ph.D. program at UC-Irvine Chemistry
Caleb Frank
(undergrad from North Park Univ.), M.D. program at PSU-Hershey
Dr. Upul Jayarathne 
(postdoc), Postdoc in Bernskoetter Group (U of Missouri)
Dr. Brittany Johnson (PhD), Scientist at Cabot Microelectronics
Dr. Malkanthi Karunananda (PhD), Postdoc in Engle Group (Scripps-CA)
Dr. Thomas Mazzacano
(PhD), Scientist at Intel Corporation
Maryam Muhammad 
(undergrad), Ph.D. program at UIC College of Pharmacy
Karim Muratov (visiting intern), undergrad at Higher Chemical College of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Sean Parmelee
Dr. Dominic Pye
(postdoc), Postdoc in Britovsek Group (Imperial College London)
Alexander Raa
Joseph Sahagun (undergrad), M.D. program at UIC
Larry Sanchez (undergrad), Pharm.D. program at UIC
Slavi Tsarev (undergrad), Pharm.D. program at UIC
Dr. Greyson Waldhart (PhD), Scientist at Intel Corporation